Division letters

Date ReleasedIssuance Title
October 11, 2019Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Compliance (CV) Forms
October 11, 2019Request to Borrow the Navotours Bus and One (1) Additional Bus for the Regional Festival of Talents
October 11, 2019Conduct of “Teenagers Forum on Proper Food Selection and Teenage Health and Nutrition”
October 10, 2019STI Course Progam “Strategic Thinking and Innovation Course Program entitled Charting an Innovative School Strategy
October 10, 2019First Philhealth National Quiz Bee
October 10, 2019Inviting the Participation of Science Teachers to the 2019 Hands-On, Minds-on Microscale Chemistry (HOMOMICH) Training
October 10, 2019Requesting to Conduct the Research and Development (R&D) Survey
October 8, 2019ROLL-OUT of the Heart to HEART Project
October 8, 2019Reaching and Empowering Adolescents Project: (REAP) – Capacity Building for Teachers
October 8, 2019Request for Partnership and Collaboration with Schools for Youth Development Activities
October 8, 2019Red Cross Youth Training for Division Level
October 8, 2019SHOOKT: SHOut-Out to Kids’ Teens’ Mental Health
October 7, 2019Coordination Meeting on Senior High School Work Immersion Partnership with the City Government of Navotas
October 7, 2019Service Auxiliary Volunteers for Emergency and Relief (SAVER), Girls’ Camp Permit and Star Holiday Courses
October 4, 2019A Whole New World
October 1, 20195th Annual Fix and Focus Forum
October 1, 2019An Order Creating the Executive Committee of the City of Navotas and Designating the Members
October 1, 2019Creation of Barangay School Boards
October 1, 2019DepED-NCR and ACT-NCR Union Consultative Body
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
September 30, 201971st National Conference and Training of the Philippine Home Economics Association
September 27, 20192019 MTAP DepEd Saturday Programs in Mathematics for Talented Learners
September 26, 2019Act Party-List & ACT NCR Union Consultative Assembly
September 26, 2019Public Hearing of the Proposed City Ordinance No. 2019-12 Granting Cash Incentives to Navoteño Achievers who Excelled in the Fields of Sports, Academics, and Technical/Vocational Skills
September 26, 2019Freedom of Information Orientation Seminar
September 24, 2019Joint PRISSAAP National Youth and Children’s Congresses
September 24, 2019Student Congress 2019 – Mental Awareness
September 24, 2019Red Cross Youth Advisers Meeting
September 24, 2019Be the Change Conference
September 24, 2019Empowering the Youth for Passionate Nation Building
September 24, 2019Reaching and Empowering Adolescents Project: (REAP)
September 19, 2019RiteMEd Tamang Alaga Program
September 18, 2019PRISSAAP 2nd Tribute to Teachers
September 18, 2019Invitation to Attend the Wasit/Jury International Training and Licensing
September 17, 2019International Training for Pedagogical Advancement
September 17, 20196th General Assembly of the NCR Premier Association of Private Schools, Inc. with the theme: The Challenge of Integrating Mental health in K to 12
September 16, 2019Cyber Security Caravan
September 16, 2019Resource Speaker in the Division Roll-Out Teacher-Adviser Training Program
September 13, 2019Teaching Strategies to Develop Critical and Creative Thinking Skill; and Higher-Order Thinking Skills
September 12, 2019Inviting participation of Teachers from Navotas National High School and its other nearby Elementary Schools to the SEA-TCF Workshop
September 12, 2019Emerging Technologies: T.I.P. Manila Experience
September 12, 2019Invitation to the National Seminar Workshop on Developing and Using Appropriate Teaching and Learning Resources including ICT to Address Learning Goals
September 11, 2019Invitation of Health and Sanitation/Education Committee to all PTA President
September 11, 20192019 Regional Career Congress
September 11, 2019“Pangkubahayan” Raffle for a Cause 2019
September 10, 2019Proposal for the St. Michael Eye Care Center that Provides you with more that just eye refraction
September 10, 20192020 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge (MMC)
September 10, 2019Pistang Misyon (Mission Fiesta)
September 10, 2019Student Congress 2019 Mental Health Awareness
September 10, 2019Sining Pandayan
September 10, 2019UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)
September 10, 2019Promotion of Organic Garden in the Local Government Units
September 9, 2019Bible Distribution
September 6, 2019Art Painting for a Cause
September 6, 2019Three-Day HEART to HEART Facilitator’s Training and Planning
September 6, 2019School Year 2019-2020 Nestle Wellness Campus Program
September 5, 2019Leadership in Education Academy and Development (LEAD) Philippines
September 5, 2019Psychological First Aid Training
September 5, 2019The Philippine Academy of Teachers, Administrators and Practitioners in Education Inc. (PATAPE)
September 5, 2019Traffic Scheme within SM North Lane
September 5, 2019SSS Orientation
September 4, 2019Girl Scout Week Celebration
September 4, 2019Youth Entrepreneurship Summit
September 4, 2019Josefa Llanes Escoda (JLE) Conference and Girl Scout Week Challenge with the theme “Leading is Serving: Girl Scout in Nation Building
September 4, 2019Annual Marian Festival
September 4, 2019Orientation and Workshop on GSP Special Community Development Projects: ” Pilar Hidalgo Lim, Chief Scout Medal Scheme Award, Magic Spot, Cherish and Tulong-Bata and Reorganization and Election: Senior Planning Board (SPB), Scouts Auxiliary Volunteers for Emergency and Relief (SAVER), Ham Radio, and Writers Guild
September 3, 2019SWISS IT Academy Inc. Campaign in Promoting their Training Programs for Teachers
September 3, 2019Requesting Permission to Conduct a Vocation Talk and Test to Grade 10, 11 and 12 in Different Junior and Senior High Schools
September 3, 2019Distribution of information Education Campaign (IEC) Materials Specifically the Pinggang Pinoy for Kids and Teens to all Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, and Senior High Schools
September 3, 2019Conduct of a Quarterly Monitoring and Evaluation of Microtoise, Adult Weighing Scale (Detecto-Type), and Information Education Campaign Materials related to the Promotion of Good Nutrition
September 3, 20192019 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE-NCR)
September 3, 2019An Ordinance Providing Educational Assistance/Scholarship to All Qualified Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Students
September 3, 2019Awarding of CNA Registration Certificate
September 3, 2019Reduce Crime Together Project
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
August 30, 2019Learning Trip and Mini Career Fair at the Mind Museum for 100 Student beneficiaries
August 30, 2019Memorandum Order No. TMT 2019-203
August 30, 2019National Seminar-Consultation on Education Policies
August 29, 2019Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Off-Campus Activities
August 29, 2019National Basic Action Research Masterclass: Statistical and Qualitative Data Analysis Made Easy
August 29, 2019Invitation for PhilGeps Training
August 29, 2019Conduct of Awareness Campaign to the Senior High School Students
August 29, 2019University of Manila Career Orientation
August 29, 2019University of Manila Requesting Public Secondary Schools in Navotas to Conduct a Career Orientation Program
August 29, 2019 City of Taguig Consultation Meeting
August 27, 2019GSIS Members Age 59-65 (for Year 2019) for Updating of Membership Service Profile (MSP)
August 27, 2019Executive Summit for all Active and Inactive CACHET Associates from National Capital Region
August 27, 201914th Annual Olymphysics Challenge
August 23, 2019Annual Flagship Project entitled “Sigabo” with the theme “SIKLAB: Gisingin ang Diwa ng Lipunan, Nasyonlismo ang mag aalab sa Ningas ng Pagtatagumpay”
August 23, 2019Navotas City Youth Congress
August 22, 2019National Training on Culture-Based Governance for Local Government Units
August 22, 2019Nationwide Short Film Competition
August 20, 2019Postponement of the On-the-Spot Slogan and Poster Making Contest
August 20, 2019Implementation of City Ordinance No. 2018-15 or the Navotas City Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance
August 20, 2019Approved MTAP Projects and Activities for SY 2019-2020
August 20, 2019Seminar-Workshop on “Connecting with Gen Z”
August 19, 2019Training-Workshop on the Conduct of Scientific Research
August 19, 2019Space Quiz 2019 and On the Spot Poster Making Contest
August 19, 2019AMA Caloocan Campus “Career Guidance Orientation”
August 19, 2019ABE International Business College “Career Guidance Orientation”
August 19, 2019Approval of Overtime Services
August 15, 2019NAVONEGOSYO
August 14, 2019Writeshop on the Finalization of Coaching and Officiating Standards
August 14, 2019IHL 1st Sabayang Pagbigkas Competition
August 9, 2019International Seminar-Workshop on Classroom Management for English Teachers
August 9, 2019Interact Club Officers and the Interact Club Adviser on the Cluster Interact Assembly (CIAS) 2019
August 9, 2019On-the-Spot Slogan and Poster-Making Contest
August 8, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
August 7, 2019La Naval Academy Annual Meeting
August 7, 2019Program Officer for early Childhood Care and Development
August 7, 2019Education Summit for Private Schools
 August 7, 20196th Malikhaing Guro International Conference on Culture Based Education
August 7, 2019Basic Training with Age Level Specialization, Outdoor Leadership Training Course and Campers Permit
August 7, 2019Re-Igniting the Passion to Transform Lives
August 6, 2019Career Orientation and Introduce the Different Tracks and Strands
August 5, 2019Science Exhibit
August 5, 2019Batang Pinoy 2019 National Finals in Wushu
August 5, 2019DOLE Search and Interview to those who are engaged in Child Labor in different Schools
August 5, 20192nd General Assembly
August 5, 2019Core PH Conference (CORECON)
August 5, 20192019 Population Quiz
August 5, 2019School – Based Immunization Program Meeting for School Clinicians
August 1, 2019The Fire Square Roadshow
August 1, 2019Administration of Survey Form for Selected School Heads for the Possible inclusion of Alternative Learning System ib the School Based Management (SBM)
August 1, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
July 30, 2019Validation of the Draft Session Guides and Slides for the Stakeholder Engagement Capacity Building Workshop
July 30, 2019Mitsubishi Asian Children’s EnikkiFesta 2019
July 30, 2019Agrikonomiya 2019 Essay Writing, Extemporaneous Speaking and Photojournalism Competitions
July 30, 20192019 BANTULA: International Conference on Culture-Based Research
July 30, 2019Application of Vacation and Sick Leave of Absence of All Department/Offices of Navotas City Hall
July 30, 2019Notice of Job Vacancies at La Naval Academy
July 30, 2019Scheduled Seminar Workshop in (i.LEAD)
July 30, 2019Invitation of Civil Service Commission-NCR to Participate in the R.A.C.E. to Serve Fun Run
July 30, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
July 29, 2019International Seminar-Workshop on Leadership and Management with Paper Presentation
July 29, 2019Continuing Professional Development for Teacher Education, Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Psychometricians and Social Workers
July 29, 2019International Seminar on Classroom Management in the 21st Century
July 25, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
July 25, 2019Seminar-Workshop for Senior high Schools (SHS)
July 25, 2019TDC Learning Advocacy and Consultation (TDC-LAC)
July 24, 2019Request for Nomination of Qualified Officers and Staff to the PMDP batch 8 of the Senior Executive Class and Batch 22 of the middle Manager Class
July 23, 2019Environmentally Sustainable Practices
July 22, 2019Inter-School Dance Drama Competition
July 22, 2019District Learning Action Cell (DLAC)
July 22, 2019Invitation for PhilGEPS Training
July 17, 2019UNILAB 100% Attendance
July 16, 2019Awarding of Certificate of Completion
July 15, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
July 15, 2019MHCC Calendar of Activities
July 15, 2019DRRM Youth Forum 
July 15, 2019Youth and Kids Ministry
July 12, 20192019 MTAP – DepEd Saturday Programs in Mathematics for Regular and Talented Learners
July 12, 2019Educators’ Summit 2019
July 12, 2019May Pag-Asa: A Cultural Caravan for Nationalism
July 12, 2019Symposium for the Youth during the 2019 National Science and Technology Week
July 12, 2019Monthly Lecture of the Philippine Astronomical Society, Inc. (PAS)
July 11, 2019Red Cross Youth Advisers Meeting
July 11, 2019World CITI Colleges Career Advancement Programs
July 11, 2019Wikang Filipino, Edukasyong Makabayan: Isulong, Ipaglaban
July 10, 2019GAWAD RENE ISIP
July 9, 2019Nominations of Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan Awards 2019
July 9, 2019Proposal to Conduct Service Values Program (PSVP)
July 9, 20191st Navotaas Institute Fair and Skills Olympics
July 9, 2019Anti-Drug Campaign and Acrobatic Show
July 9, 2019Seminar and Orientation on Fire Prevention and Safety Consciousness
July 9, 2019UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) SY 2020-2021
July 9, 20193 Ball Juggling
July 9, 2019Computer Literacy Program
July 9, 2019Career Guidance Planning
July 9, 2019Work Immersion and Employment Caravan
July 8, 201914th Knowledge Exchange Conference (KEC14)
July 8, 20192019 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW)
July 3, 2019Schedule of Orientation on How to Operate the Machine for the Reproduction of Test Materials
July 3, 2019Use of BIOMETRICS for Time-In and Time-Out of all the Teaching, Teaching Related and Non-Teaching Personnel in the Division Schools and Offices
July 3, 20192019 FIRA Roboworld Cup Philippines
July 3, 20191st Filipino IDEAS (Innovation, Design, Enterprise, Application and Solutions
July 3, 201917th National Science and Math Quest
July 3, 2019HONOR: The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos Film Showing
July 3, 2019CSC-NCR Invitation to Participate in the R.A.C.E. to Serve Fun Run
July 3, 20192019 National TechVoc Day
July 2, 2019Educational Programs of Enchanted Kingdom
July 2, 2019School Tour with the Premium exclusive Channel called YEY!
July 2, 2019Invitation for the Adolescent Health and Development (AHD) Orientation and Documentary Film Workshop to All Secondary Public Schools
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
June 28, 2019Environment Month and Month of the Ocean
June 27, 2019Union General Assembly
June 26, 2019Conduct of 2nd National Training for Teachers on Management and School Leadership Development Program with the theme: 21st Century: Visionary Leaders Need to Step Up and 3-Day National Youth and Educators Development Training on Human Rights with the theme: “Working Together to Protect Human Dignity for All”
June 25, 2019Orientation to the Tulong Aral ng Petron Parents Officers Regarding Positive Discipline on Everyday Parenting
June 25, 20191st national Basic Action Research Masterclass (NBARM) for Public School Teachers and School Leaders
June 25, 2019Catechists of Diocese of Kalookan
June 25, 2019Navotas City Bata Balik Eskwela Task Force Meeting and System Caravan
June 24, 2019Cash Incentive Distribution Schedule for the Graduate of SY 2019-2019
June 24, 2019Launching of the GSIS WEB MSP AAO Uploading Facility
Jun 24, 2019Two (2) Days Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking, Finance and Islamic Microfinance
June 20, 2019The 2019 Public Sector HR Symposium
June 20, 2019National Competitive Examination (NCE) 
June 20, 2019“BATANG LAMPARA, BATANG KWENTISTA, 2019: Lampara Children’s Story Telling Competition
June 19, 20192019 International Mind Education Specialist Training ((IMEST)
June 19, 2019The Introduction of Holographic AR & VR Computer Package
June 19, 201943rd National Milo Marathon
June 18, 2019Free Lecture on How Stars Influence Our Lives, history of Apollo 11 and Black Hole
June 18, 20192019 Badgefair for All Age Level
June 18, 2019General Assembly fo the Career Advocates and Life Mentors/Coaches (CALM) Network CAMANAVA Chapter
June 18, 2019Permission to Conduct Church Campus Ministry Program to Public High School Students
June 17, 2019Elementary and High School Evangelic Campaign (ESHEC)
June 17, 2019Call for Application for the 22nd Duskin Leadership Training in Japan (2020-21
June 14, 2019Invitation to Elementary and Secondary Scholars of “Tulong Aral ng Petron (TAP)”
June 14, 2019Academic Writing and Research Workshop for Teachers and Students
June 11, 2019Tech4ED #SheMeansBusiness
June 10, 2019Request of Meeting with the SGOD Chief, PTPA Affairs Committee, School Principals and their Exixting GPTA Presidents
June 10, 20192019 Search for Ulirang Guro at Pambansang Ulirang Guro of the Manila Teachers’ Savings and Loan Association
June 10, 20194th Navoteño Film Festival
June 6, 2019Development of ICT Skills of K to 12 Learners
June 4, 2019Requesting Permission to Start a Campus Ministry in High School within National Capital Region
June 4, 2019LEAD-Philippines 9th Season of Monthly Series of Seminar for SY 2019-2020
June 4, 20192019 International Essay Contest for Young People with the Theme “Creating a Society Full of Kindness”
June 4, 201910th Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language in Learning
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
March 29, 2019Request for Teacher Nomination on the Nationwide Search for Exemplary Teachers through their Program Entitled: “The Many Faces of Teachers [TMFT]”
March 29, 2019DRRM Symposium
March 29, 2019Quipper Videos Awardees
March 29, 2019Conduct of Ovitrapping
March 29, 2019Nuclear Science for Teachers
March 29, 20195th World Robot Games
March 25, 2019Navotas City Library Storytelling and Library Advocacy
March 25, 2019Changes in the Schedule of Awarding of Winners for the Outstanding Implementers for the Regional Search for “Gulayan sa Paaralan” Program for School Year 2018-2019
March 25, 2019Protect your Voice, Protect your Future
March 22, 2019World Water Day
March 22, 2019Prudencio J. Lacson Leadership Award
March 22, 2019Quipper
March 21, 2019Launching of Navotas City Family Zone
March 21, 2019JFE Teacher Training Services Seminar Workshop for March-April 2019
March 21, 2019Public Hearing on Proposed City Ordinance NO. 2019-03
March 20, 201925th Summer Institute in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM)
March 20, 201912th National Educators Conference
March 19, 2019Seminar-Workshop on Various Topics
March 19, 201911th Visually Impaired Sports Training Advocacy (VISTA)
March 19, 20197th SPED Conference
March 19, 20192nd National Conference of Humanities and Social Sciences Students and Teachers
March 18, 2019Workshop with Key Stakeholders on Strengthening Referral Pathways
March 18, 2019Tuklas Galing 2019 (TG 2019)
March 18, 2019International Microcoding Championship
March 18, 20192019 STEM Education and Research Training Program
March 18, 2019Learn, Unlearn, Relearn 2019 Administrators and Supervisors Course
March 18, 2019PRC Membership Accidents Assistance Benefit Project
March 15, 2019Scholarship Given to the Four (4) Poor But Deserving Grade 6 Pupils
March 14, 2019Conduct and Orientation In-Person Interview in Navotas Schools
March 14, 2019World Home Economics Day (WHED)
March 13, 2019Capacity Building of CALM Network on PWD Laws and Employment Opportunities
March 13, 2019Storytellling Activity 2019
March 12, 2019The Breakthrough Community Church
March 12, 20193-day National Seminar-Workshop on Addressing Mental Health Issues in the School Setting (Live-Out Seminar)
March 8, 2019International Womens Day Forum and CNA Discussion
March 7, 2019All Leaders Meeting, International Women’s Day Forum and CNA Discussion
March 7, 20192019 Search for Outstanding Government Workers
March 7, 2019Open House Visit to the Fire Station
March 7, 2019Request for Financial Assistance
March 7, 2019Summer Reading Camp
March 6, 2019Re: Invitation to the 5th CIC Congress-National Capital Region – at PSHS
March 5, 2019School Heads’ Half Day Lenten Recollection
March 5, 2019Workshop on Drafting the School Governance Council Manual
March 4, 2019Sacred Relics Stones
March 1, 2019Lets Pass The LET
March 1, 2019Fire Prevention Month
Date ReleasedIssuance Title
February 27, 2019Tampok: Ang Panalo sa Pagtuturo ng Dula sa NCR
February 26, 2019I Respect Award
February 26, 2019Annual Search for Exceptional Red Cross Youth Volunteer
February 22, 2019Implementation Review and Planning Workshop for WHO-DOH-KOFIH Urban Health Project
February 22, 2019Proposal for Re-acrobatic Show of the Legend Philippine Acrobatic
February 22, 2019Camp Live:Rooted
February 21, 2019Ratification of the Approved Collective Negotiation Agreement
February 21, 20192019 Council Summer Training School
February 20, 2019UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science Filipino STEM Leaders Forum
February 20, 2019National Partnership Summit
February 20, 201918th National Convention and Teacher – Training Workshop
February 20, 2019Bridging Disciplines: Reimagining Geographical Borders and Cultural Bounderies int the Light of Globalization
February 20, 2019Annual Geology Summit
February 19, 2019Fire Safety Consciousness Program
February 19, 2019Training Program of ARCZONE Professional Development
February 19, 2019D’ Great Rovers Events Management
February 19, 20194th National Wildlife Quiz Bee
February 19, 2019Creative Journaling Regional Contest
February 19, 2019AAIG Delegates to Participate in the SME Academy/PTTC/DTI Launching
February 18, 2019International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research (ICIR)
February 18, 2019Full Scholarship Grant
February 18, 2019Activity on Social Accountability
February 18, 20192nd Senior High School Quiz Bee Competition
February 15, 2019Participation of First Rank Student of each Track of Senior High School Students
February 13, 2019Leadership Styles and Decisions Making Styles of Dept. Heads
February 13, 2019Instituting Measures on Engaged Time-on task
February 13, 2019Battle of the Blaze 2
February 13, 20191st SIMP-AAG BCP Multidisciplinary Research Festival
February 11, 2019Yisrael Solutions and Consulting (YISCON) Inc.
February 11, 2019Request for a Meeting
February 11, 2019NCR Palaro 2019 Ocular Inspection
February 11, 2019RE: Interact District Conference (IAC DisCon) 2019 Rotary International District 3800
February 08, 2019Philippine Association for the Career Advancement of Educators (PACAE)
February 08, 2019NIP Open House
February 08, 2019Revisiting Minamata Convention on Mercury
February 08, 2019LIKHANDULA International Arts Exchange and Collaboration
February 08, 2019Annual Brainquest & JPL Cup 2019
February 08, 2019CPAE
February 06, 2019Permission to Distribute Rosaries and Prayer Guides
February 06, 2019National Seminar-Workshop on Strategies to Address Learner Diversity: Gender, Needs, Strengths, Interests and Experiences