Division Advisories

Date ReleasedIssuance Title
October 11, 2019Various Contest of the Philippine Librarians Association Inc.
October 10, 201917th National Science and Month Quest
October 10, 20193rd National Convention of the Department of Education-Partnership of Employees and Non-Teaching Staff
September 17, 2019PRC Accredited Programs for Teachers and Librarians
September 16, 2019Asian Psychological Services and Assessment, Inc. Annual Convention
September 6, 20192nd National Contest on Peacetival of Talents 2019
September 6, 2019School Principals and Teachers’ Forum on Curriculum Instruction and Assessment
September 6, 2019The Training Workshop on Robotics
September 6, 2019Lego Educational Robotics and Computer Literacy Technical Training and Ref Robotics Cup for School Year 2019-2020 of Ref Marketing
September 3, 2019The Training Workshop Research Laboratory Techniques
July 30, 2019Orientation for 2019 Basic Education Research Fund Qualifiers
October 25, 2018GSIS to Start Dunning Due and Demandable Accounts in November 2018
October 23, 2018Additional BERF Grantees 2018
October 2, 2018Orientation for Second Batch of 2018 Basic Education Research Fund Grantees
August 31, 2017Final Details and Arrangement for the Senior High School Mass Training Workshop on Common/General Topics
August 23, 2017U.P. LIKAS, Taunang Pambansang Kumperensya
August 15, 2017Annual Poster-Making Contest with the theme Apoy, Bagyo, Kalamidad:  Dibuhong Pambata (ABKD)
August 14, 2017Film Production Orientation-Workshop
August 10, 2017Climate Change Program, Astronomy Program and Robitics Program for the Academic Year 2017-2018
August 9, 2017AVOT School Tour for the Month of August
August 9, 2017Career Orientation Program for Grade 12 Students
August 9, 20173 Hour Intensive Self-Defense Training Program for Students in the Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in NCR
August 8, 201783rd National Book Week
August 7, 2017IHL Dissemination and Poster Making Contest
August 7, 2017First Inter-Senior High School Speech Choir Competition
August 7, 2017Career Talk for Grade 10 and Grade 12 students
August 7, 2017Career Talk for Grade 10 Completers
August 4, 2017Career Orientation Program
August 2, 2017Seminar on Crime Prevention and On-the-Spot Slogan and Poster Making Contest
July 28, 2017Conference for Teachers and Creative Fiction Writing and Speech Contest for Students (HAMAKA PILIPINAS)
July 21, 2017Philippine Red Cross Membership Accident Assistance Benefit Project
July 19, 2017AMIC 25th Annual Conference with the theme:  “Rethinking Communication in a Resurgent Asia
July 19, 2017Seminar-Workshop under Training Opportunities for Research Competence Honing (Project TORCH)
June 30, 2017An Order Amending Executive Order No. 001-A Series of 2011, Including the Navotaas Art Scholarship in the Coverage of the Navotaas Scholarship Program and for other Purposes
June 30, 2017Request for Official Endorsement and Official Time July Monthly Faculty/Teachers Club/ACT Chapter Presidents’ Meeting
June 28, 2017Seminar and Orientation on Fire Prevention and Safety Consciousness
June 19, 2017Encourage Education Professionals to Pursue Graduate Studies at PWU
June 14, 2017Mandating the Registration of the Navotas Manpower Training Center and Navotas Manpower Training Center Annex 1 with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority as Accredited Assessment Center
June 14, 2017Philippine Red Cross Navotas City Sub-Chapter Council Management Training
June 9, 2017Grade 10 and Grade 12 Free Entrance Exam and Career Talk
June 8, 2017An Order Amending the Navotas City Business Permits and Licensing Office Citizen’s Charter
June 8, 2017National Seminar-Workshop on Mathematics and Science Education in the K to 12 Curriculum  with the theme Gearing Up Millenial Learners for STEM in the Global Education Arena
May 17, 2017An Executive Order Creating the Special Committee on Public Auction
May 8, 2017National Seminar-Workshop on the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, Public Sector Unionism and Human Rights Education:  A Teacher’s Summer Camp
May 5, 2017Palaro ng Ating Guro 2017-Summer Sports Festival for Teachers
March 23, 2017First Regional Conference among Senior High Educators
March 16, 2017DepEd NCR Health and Wellness Activity
March 10, 20175th National Seminar for SPED Teachers 2017
February 22, 2017Executive Order No. 002, s. 2017 from the Office of the City Mayor
February 22, 2017Executive Order No. 001, s. 2017 from the Office of the City Mayor