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March 6, 2020 is a date to remember for the Schools Division Office of Navotas for on this day, the (SESG) Seal of Effective School Governance finally hoisted its sails to embark on its journey to excellence. The launching ceremony for this pet project was held at Navotas Elementary School. In attendance were the Public School Principals, Assistant Principals, SESG Coordinators, Supervisors, and Unit Heads of SDO Navotas City all dressed in their colorful sarongs.  

The event started with the singing of the National Anthem under the baton of the Senior Education Specialist (SEPS) for Socialization and Mobilization, Mrs. Victoria de Jesus. It was followed by a prayer led by Dr. Sarah M.  Sison, SEPS for Human Resource Development. The participants were presented by the SEPS in Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr. Benjamin C. Perez and were welcomed by the SGOD Chief Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna. The Opening remarks and message rolled into one was delivered by the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, in behalf of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez who was the brains of the said endeavor. Congressman John Reynald M. Tiangco, the lone Representative of Navotas, was benevolent enough to grace the occasion and deliver a message where he quoted the famous African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ He also mentioned about the importance of partnership between different stakeholders and the school community, in promoting effective governance and leadership for the improvement of the school and realizing the department and the nation’s quest for quality and relevant education.

The highlight of the program was the presentation of the Seal, which is aptly called the Gawad Layag. The seal, which symbolizes Navotas City as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines was presented through an interpretation of the song “Go the Distance” sang by Kervin Baltazar, the Division Liaison Officer, by the San Roque National High School’s Hayuma Dance Troupe. The heartwarming rendition of the song and dance number was a perfect prelude to the pinning of the seal by the Honorable Congressmen John Rey Tiangco and Ms. Sabado to the sail of a miniature boat at centerstage. It was followed by the presentation of the SESG Operations Manual by the Chiefs of SGOD and CID, Dr. Gemma Villaluna and Mrs. Loida Balasa to the good congressman as a token of gratitude for his support and untiring efforts in improving the quality of education in the city. 

The manual contains the standards, methodologies, and other components that will guide the schools towards acquiring conferment of the seal.  To give the attendees a preview of the manual, six select public school principals discussed the indicators of practice and the means of verifications for each of the six standards of SESG. The presenters were: Miss Wilfreza P. Balagosa for Strategic Leadership; Dr. Maria Cristina A. Robles for Borderless and Engaging Curriculum; Dr. Floretta M. Quijano for Nurturing and Safe Learning Environment; Dr. Salita L. Salaysay for Enabling and Pro-Active Human Resource Development; Dr. Sonia M. Padernal for Judicious and Efficient Management of Fiscal Resources; and Miss Joji R. Fernando for Strong and Enduring Community Partnership. 

An added flavor to SESG was the PLUS (Performance Level Uplifts Standards) component which was discussed by Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna. The PLUS component of SESG covers different contributory achievements of various categories which add value to better school performance.

The launching ceremony was a great success as manifested by the smiles of the participants as they, at an early stage harbor creative thoughts as an answer to the challenge given by Ms. Sabado when she said, “ just like the sarong you are now wearing which could be worn in many different ways even without dressmakers ’gadgets, we implore you school heads to be creative and resourceful enough to find varied ways on how you can have the seal because acquiring the seal is a proof of an effective school leader and manager.”