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by Dr. Sarah M. Sison, Senior Education Program Specialist-HRD

The Schools Division Office-Navotas through the Schools Governance Operations Division conducted an activity titled “Healthy and Positive Aging Seminar for Senior Citizens of SDO-Navotas” on June 16-18, 2022. via Zoom platform on the first day and face to face sessions on the second and third day  at Ciudad Christhia Resort, San Mateo, Rizal.

It was the initiative of the Schools Division Superintendent of the Division, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez and his commitment to pay tribute to the senior citizens for their contribution to the organization in giving quality education to the learners as seasoned and competent workforce.

The program for Day 1 started with a Nationalistic Song followed by a doxology. Ms. Isabelle S. Sibayan, OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, gave an opening remarks/message to the participants. She conveyed her appreciation to the seniors for the valuable contribution to the school, to the SDO and to the nation for serving well and for being a role model to their younger colleagues. She quoted one of the African proverbs that “Those who respect the elderly pave their own road toward success.”  A lot of good things have happened to the younger people and its because of the contribution and effort exerted by those who worked before them and that’s the senior teaching and non-teaching personnel. After Ms. Sibayan is the Statement of purpose and it was delivered by Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna, SGOD Chief Education Supervisor. She emphasized  the objective of  the seminar  and the scope of the three-day activity.  Making the senior citizens happy and giving them additional  learnings relative to positive aging are the purpose of the activity.

The program included learning sessions that surely helped our seniors  recuperate from mental, emotional, and physical distress brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. The first speaker was Ms. Maria Elizabeth M. Laluces, Financial Advisor / Sun Life Financial. She shared practical tips on how to invest and save money. The second speaker was Ms. Ruth A. Regodon, Team Leader (GMEN) talked about Breaking Free From Fear.

The second day of the activity was held at Ciudad Christhia, San Mateo Rizal. Session was continued through the discussion of Health and Wellness facilitated by Ms. Anna Grace Joy G. Onayan, Nurse II. Seniors were encouraged to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, become socially active, break free from fear and learn financial literacy, which could help promote well being.

Different stimulating activities  also made the two days more engaging and enjoyable like the Emoji, Mannequin Challenge, “Song Niya, Sing Ko”, I love the color, dance and song presentation by group and Zumba Dance. The most highlighted part of the activity is the Mr. and Ms. Senior Citizen of SDO-Navotas wherein all the contestants participated actively and happily.

The activity ended with the giving of certificates, reflections given by selected senior citizens and the closing remarks delivered by Ms. Loida O. Balasa, CID Chief Education Supervisor.