By: Dr. Sarah Sison SEPS-HRD

Student Leaders Development Program Batch IV 5th Session was held last October 19, 2019, Saturday at SDO-Conference Hall.

            In this session, the first speaker was no other than our Vice Mayor Clint Nicolas B. Geronimo with his topic “Time Management”He filled the minds of the participants with wisdom on how to manage their time effectively. According to him, time managementis a matter of discipline, we need to prioritize things that are important and urgent. He introduced the idea of “Time Blocking” Method of Elon Musks used by highly successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and productivity experts, including Bill Gates and Cal Newport.Time blocking, he said,forces us to fill up free time with pre-commitments and a plan of action. By doing so, we avoid wasting precious time on a task that could be finished quicker.

 He also shared his plan and dream to have a Center for Happiness forthe students of Navotas.This center aims to provide a supportive environment for students to relax and escape the rigours of their studies, encouraging them to lead a productive and successful life. Another center, he dreamt ofis building the Center for Entrepreneurship to make a difference.This will become an empowering environment that will support students to creatively pursue new opportunities, possibilities and innovations. With all of these, students  were very much pleased and grateful on all the things that he shared.

The next speaker wasDr. Gemma C. Villaluna, the Chief Education Supervisor of School Governance and Operations Division. Her topic is about Conflict Management.The lecture was full of information that the students can apply to their respective groups, schools, family and even to their community. Most of the students actively participated in the discussion because they can relate and have even experienced some of the situations given.According to her, these techniques will help increase students’ self-esteem in giving opinion and solving actual problems they may encounter in their lives as a leader.