By: Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, OIC-ASDS

After a brain wracking day of planning and budgeting for the coming year, participants to the FY 2020 Integrated and Comprehensive Planning and Budgeting Workshop had a time to relax, enjoy and revitalize the bond of friendship via a Fellowship Night with the theme “Love Shines”. The participants had a wonderful time dancing and singing in their glittery shining shimmering attires.

Highlight of the evening was the tribute to the Mathematics Supervisor, Dr. Magdalena F. Arañes, who was set to retire the following day at age 65.

Looking so beautiful in her sparkling red gown with the song “Shine” in the background, Dr. Arañes or Mam Dalen to many,was escorted to the hall by Mr. Alfred Vargas, a Mathematics Teacher from Navotas National High School. An Opening Message from the Chief of SGOD, Dr. Gemma Villaluna heralded the start of the tribute. A crown of glory was donned on her by Dr. Ibanez and Ms. Sabado, after which each delivered a tributary message.Other well-wishers were representatives from the different groups such as Dr. Sonia Padernal for the elementary principals, Dr. Cristina Miclat for the secondary and Mrs. Loida Balasa, the Chief for the Curriculum and Implementation Division (CID) group. A presentation from each of the division preceded the messages.

The Mathematics School Coordinators gave symbolic gifts, each giving a meaning for their gifts to Mam Dalen. The two Mathematics principal consultants also gave their messages, amidst narratives of their encounter with Mam Dalen.

The most emotional messages came from her two best friends, Dr. Ma. Cristina Robles, principal of Navotas National High School and Dr. Evangeline Avendano, district supervisor, where each narrated unforgettable moments with the lady of the hour.

In response, Mam Dalen thanked the whole SDO-Navotas Family for the tribute and the experience of working with such wonderful people.

“Napasayaninyoako at ang gabingito ay patuloykongbabalik-balikansaaking ala-ala.” Such were her words of gratitude amidst tears of joy.

The Fellowship Night ended with a celebratory dance of all the participants.

Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, Schools Division Superintendent and Ms. Buenafe E. Sabado, OIC – Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, donning the crown of glory and awarding the Plaque of Recognition to Dr. Magdalena F. Arañes, retiring Division Math Supervisor, for her 33 years and 5 months of dedicated and committed service to SDO – Navotas