Statement from Usec. Anne Sevilla

Clarifications and points to ponder on the recent case of learner-teacher in a DepEd school in Manila which was televised, concerning matters that involves disciplinary function of the teacher over a student:

1. There are laws and policies applicable to learners/children and teachers. DepEd adheres to them and shall ensure they are complied with.

2. DepEd shall take care and protect both the learner and teacher through due process which is already existing at all levels of governance (schools, division, regional and Central Office). Matters like this are governed by law, policies and procedures which are accordingly complied with. These laws and policies oblige DepEd not to divulge details of the investigation.

3. Schools are second home to learners, while teachers are the second parent. We entrust our children to the institution and teachers.

4. There is proper forum to discuss issues that will resolve and improve these said concerns. We need cooperation and coordination of all stakeholders to maintain trust, respect and dignity of all learners, teachers and administrators of schools. We urge all in our DepEd family and the general public not to spread pictures of learner and teacher and/or videos of the incident as this will have further impact to them and their families.

5. Rest assured that this case is being handled by deped regional and division offices already through proper procedures according to applicable laws and policies (such as among others Child Protection Law and Magna Carta of Teachers).

6. Thank you for your understanding and for the UNITED effort of all stakeholders who care for the education system.
(Edited as of Nov 23, 9am)