By: Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, ASDS

“Just do it.”

This was the challenge posted by the brilliant Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez at the recently concluded FY 2020 Integrated and Comprehensive Planning and Budgeting Workshop held last November 19-21, 2019 at West Avenue Suites in Quezon City. The 3-day seminar workshop provided an avenue to ensure that programs, projects and activities for the coming year are aligned to the local government’s thrust and to the central and regional offices vision,mission and goals; and resources are utilized fully and judiciously through the development of a recalibrated Division Strategic Plan and Operational Plan, a powerful School Operating Budget (SOB) together with the other plans emanating from the SOB such as the Annual Implementation Plan, Project Procurement Management Plan, Annual Procurement Plan and the Monthly Cash Program.

Three participants each from the 24 schools composed of the school head, the School Based Management Coordinator and the Finance Officer comprised 72 while 38 were Division Office personnel with a total of 110.

Resource Speakers were the Planning Czar himself, Dr. Ibanez, the Division Strategic Planning Focal person Ms. Buenafe E. Sabado, the Division Budget Officer, Mr. Aldrin Engracia, the Division Accountant, Ms. Lorraine Distor, the Supply Officer, Mr. Joselito Lim and the Senior Education Program Specialist for Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr. Benjamin Perez.

The seminar commenced with Ms. Sabado providing input on what Integrated Planning should be. Dr. Ibanez oriented the participants on the Organizational Performance Indicators Framework. Then, he presented the recalibrated Division Strategic Plan aligned to the thrusts of the Local Government, the Regional and Central Offices as well as Presidents Duterte’s AmbisyonNatin. He also discussed the School Operating Budget.

Workshop followed after these discussions. Their outputs were presented and critiqued by the panel composed of Dr. Ibanez, Ms. Sabado, the two chiefs, Dr. Gemma Villaluna and Mrs. Loida Balasa, Mr. Engracia, Ms. Distor, Mr. Javier  and Engr. Noel Ecle.

A discussion on Annual Implementation Plan and Project Procurement Plan was delivered by Mr. Engracia followed by a presentation on crafting the Monthly Cash Program. Mr. Lim presented the Annual Procurement Plan followed by the discussion of Mr. Perez on the Monitoring and Communications Plan.

All the plans were provided with template to facilitate the preparation of the required reports.