by Dr. Marco D. Meduranda – EPS, English

            Education champions of SDO Navotas heightened their commitment to improve reading achievements of learners and ensure that all children read at their grade level in the Launching of the Bawat Bata Bumabasa Initiative and Division Roll-out of Digital ELLN (Early Language Literacy and Numeracy) program held on December 17, 2019 at Navotas National High School.
            Dr. Alejandro Ibañez commended the school heads and reading coordinators in attendance for their continuous efforts to increase reading success in schools. He underscored the importance of ensuring data-driven, relevant reading interventions in helping struggling readers achieve success in reading. He also encouraged all schools to intensify stakeholder partnerships on literacy projects. Chief Education Supervisor, Mrs. Loida Balasa also emphasized the value of reading as foundational skills that will help learners in fully grasping the curriculum.
            Subsequently, Dr. Marco Meduranda presented the State of L2 Reading of SDO Navotas where he shared a study on the reading levels of Navoteño learners based on pre-assessment data gathered using the Division developed reading tests and Phil-IRI tests. Participants were enlightened on the menu of reading interventions that could be adopted to further enhance school-based reading programs. Afterwards, education champions were led in the unveiling of the Bawat Bata Bumabasa Commitment Wall where they later affixed their signatures to signify their pledge to promote a culture of reading in schools.
            In the afternoon, elementary school principals and reading coordinators were given orientation training on the implementation of Digital ELLN. Dr. Meduranda presented the strategies and tools on how to conduct ELLN beginning the January next year. The goal is to saturate all early grades teachers on the proper way of teaching reading in the early grades to ensure that basic literacy skills are developed among pupils. Dr. Sonia Padernal, principal of Kapitbahayan Elementary School, led the group in action planning on how to operationalize the program in the context of Navotas.
            On December 18 and 19, 60 selected elementary teachers were trained on literacy instruction. They were equipped with various pedagogical strategies in the teaching of reading. Mrs. Tessie Sombillo led the group of master teachers in this activity. Some of the topics covered were “Raising Phonological Awareness and Teaching Phonics,” facilitated by Ms. Jennie Vie R. Antonio; “Direct Fluency Instruction and Teaching Vocabulary to Develop Independent Readers” given by Ms. MaritesDecena; “Making Inferences and Predicting Outcomes” delivered by Mr. JeodhelSestoso and “Sequencing Ideas and Determining Cause and Effect” done by Ms. Reydina Supan.
            Participants shared their appreciation in the training. “Now I am retooled on the proper ways how to help learners’ decode and comprehend ideas,” one teacher from Dagat-dagatan Elementary School said. A Facebook group page were created to preserve the network of teachers formed on this training workshop. The online portal will also provide support to teachers as they craft lesson plans for reading success of pupils. Dr. Meduranda also informed the participants that continuous follow up will be undertaken to see how the training will impact actual classroom practices of the teachers.