By: Dr. Sarah M. Sison and Dr. Marco D. Meduranda

The Schools of Division Office of Navotas City adheres and supports the Department of Education’s advocacy of equal access to education of every learner. 

In line with this thrust, the division conducted a three-day seminar for the crafting of the modules just to make sure that these materials will be ready to be forwarded to the regional office on the deadlines given. This was conducted last November 26-28 , 2019 at North Bay Boulevard Elementary School.Thirteen (13) writers, three (3) illustrators, two (2) lay out artists and three (3) language editors collaboratively worked out for the development of the said materials which will be utilized by senior high school learners of Alternative Delivery Mode.

            The first day of the seminar had an opening program in the morning wherein Mrs. Loida O. Balasa, CID Chief, graced the event by giving a short message to all the participants. Ms. Lorena J. Mutas, PSDS and Division In-charge of ADM, presented a brief orientation about the Alternative Delivery Mode and how the materials needed to be developed will be beneficial to the learners.

            On the other hand, Mrs. Grace R. Nieves, Education Program Supervisor in TLE and Division In-charge of LRMDS, oriented the participants on the guidelines in the development of learning materials. Afterwards, the workshop proper was done after the short program.

In addition, the second day of the seminar has been devoted tothe checking of outputs of the participants by the language editors.  Also, those other participants who were not able to finish the module in the previous day continued




crafting and polishing their assigned topics.  Then, the edited materials were set to be finalized by the assigned lay out artists for printing. Mrs. Editha O. Peregrino, PSDS and Division In-charge of Senior High School also gave some updates about the Senior High School program based from the seminar that sheattended.

The said session had been fruitful since a total of 15 modules have been completed and finalized and were ready to be quality assured which is the next step in crafting of learning modules.

            The crafted modules for the subject Applied Empower Technologies will equip learners in the area of computer technology in their own pace and time thus,making education accessible, inclusive and available to all types of learners.

            As a whole, the said seminar on module development has been meaningful, fruitful and productive for everybody.