SDO Navotas Conducts the Year-End Division Learning Engagement and Management Committee Meeting (LEMCM)

By: Russel Samson, EPS, Science

SDO Navotas held the Year-End Learning Engagement and Management Committee Meeting (LEMCM) last December 11, 2019 at the Conference Hall of Navotas National High School. The theme for the gathering was “Yearning the Best, Fortifying the Harvest”. This was participated by the OIC-Schools Division Superintendent (OIC-SDS), OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) Chief, Education Program Supervisors (EPSs), Public Schools Division Supervisor (PSDSs), Units Heads, Elementary and High School Principals, and Assistant School Principals of Senior High School wearing their floral attire.

                Dr. Alejandro G. Ibańez, OIC-SDS, made the call to order at 8:40 a.m. It was followed by reading the minutes of the previous LEMCM. In his message, Dr. Ibańez proudly mentioned that all public schools in SDO Navotas submitted their Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), Annual Implementation Plan (AIP), Annual Procurement Plan (APP), School Operating Budget (SOB), Monthly Cash Program (MCP) before the region set the deadline of submission. He also reiterated to conduct a semi-announced earthquake drill starting January next year.

                The order of presentation was as follows: Administrative Office, Human Resources Office, Property and Supplies Office, Budget Office, Accounting Office, Records Office, Legal, CID and SGOD.

                The second part of LEMCM was the mid-year accomplishment report of all school heads both elementary and high school. The order of presentation was Navotas NHS, Navotas Science HS, San Roque NHS, Tangos NHS, Tanza NHS, F.T. Lizan SHS, Kaunlaran HS, San Rafael TVHS, Bangkulasi SHS. This was followed by the presentation of elementary school heads: Tanza ES, Tangos ES, Tangos ES-I, Wawa ES, San Roque ES, Daanghari ES, Navotas ES, Navotas-I ES, Bagumbayan ES, Bangkulasi ES, North Bay Boulevard North ES, Dagat-dagatan ES, Kapitbahayan ES, North Bay Boulevard ES, and San Rafael Village ES.

                After the mid-year accomplishment report, Atty. Elvie Bialno, discussed DO 48, s. 2016 entitled “Policy Guidelines on Comprehensive Tobacco Control”. She stressed the collaboration, partnership, and linkages among various stakeholders, except those with tobacco industry interests. This was followed by the talk of Dr. Jacqueline R. Inventor from Navotas City Hospital. Dr. Inventor presented the ill-effects of smoking cigarettes as well as its harmful components.

                For the Superintendent’s Hour, Dr. Ibańez shared some ideas on the differences between management and leadership. According to him, management is knowing the job while leadership is mobilizing and influencing people. He concluded with the statement “To be effective, we should be both managers and leaders”.

                The 2nd LEMCM ended at 4:00 in the afternoon.