Science Teachers Trainedon Language Strategies in Teaching Science

By Russell P. Samson, Education Program Supervisor-Science

One of the 21st-century skills that every learner should possess is communication skills. To help Navoteńo students to develop this skill, teachers handling science both in elementary and high school were trained in the Division Seminar-workshop on Language Strategies in Teaching Science held from December 16-18, 2019 at North Bay Boulevard North, Navotas City.

Mr. Don King Evangelista, Science teacher-coordinator from Navotas National Science High School, discussed various language strategies that can be integrated in teaching science. These include Vocabulary Building, Keywords, Frames, Profiles, and Gamification, while Miss Veronica Aco, English teacher from San Roque National High School, presented the Integration of Language in Teaching Science and Metacognition. Mr. Russell Samson, Education Program Supervisor in Science, reiterated in his message that language should not be a barrier in the teaching process. Instead, teachers should look at language as an important tool that plays a crucial role in the formation and development of concepts.

It is hoped that through this seminar-workshop, an increment of 2% in MPS of Science across grade levels 3 to 10 will be recordedin 4th quarter by applying the different language strategies.