By: Dr. Marco Meduranda, EPS-Navotas

True to its mission of ensuring an enabling and supportive environment for effective teaching and learning process to happen, SDO Navotas launched Project STAR (School-based Technical Assistance to Raters) Patrol on December 09, 2019 at Navotas Elementary School Central. An intensified implementation of the RPMS-PPST, the launching of Division STAR Patrol project was attended by 140 participants composed mostly by  school classroom observation raters: principals, assistant principals, master teachers and department heads. All supervisors of the Curriculum Implementation Division were present as they will become process observers ensuring that RPMS-PPST protocols are followed and proper technical assistance and support are given to teachers.

At the start of the program, Dr. Buenafe Sabado, OIC-ASDS, gave the welcome remarks highlighting the significance of the activity in meeting development targets of the division.

Subsequently, Dr. Alejandro Ibañez, OIC-SDS, delivered a presentation on Instructional LeaderShift, a research-based lecture on instructional leadership that promotes democratic, participatory and supportive model of educational supervision. He emphasized that Project STAR Patrol aims to change the mindset of teachers on classroom observation process from “stigma” to “suporta.” Dr. Ibanez underscored that for improved teaching to take place, relationship that is built on mutual trust and shared goals and objectives should exist among teachers and supervisors. Eventually, this climate of collegiality and professionalism would enable teachers to teach with quality and consequently improve learning outcomes of students.

Dr. Marco Meduranda, STAR Patrol project manager, discussed the five observation protocols and facilitated the subsequent activities.

A simulation of the RPMS-PROTOCOLS was undertaken to provide the participants with learning scenarios. For the elementary group, participants observed how raters ofTanza Elementary School with principal, Dr. SalitaSalaysay,  master teacher, Ms. Ana Maria Luzon conduct the protocols with teacher, Ms. Jessica Lazaga as demonstration teacher. On the other hand, the secondary group analyzed the work of San Rafael Technological and Vocational High School with principal, Ms. WilfrezaBalagoza, department head, Ms Marilou M. Ritual and master teacher, Dante D. Reyes as they manage RPMS-PPST protocols with Ms. Carol Anne N. Igcasenza as demonstration teacher.

Rich discussions happened next as Dr. Meduranda facilitated the sharing of group outputs as participants gave their insights and reflections  about the simulation. Mr. Carlos Oro, principal of Bangkulasi SHS, expressed his commitment to quality instructional supervision after sharing the learnings he gained from the experience.

A closing program was conducted afterwards which saw the unveiling of the Project STAR Patrol logo, a star that was formed with five hands converging, a symbol of a professional collaboration that would take place to help teachers shine to the best of their abilities. Every members of the audience showed their solidarity in supporting the project. To promote a community of practice, Dr. Ibañez led the singing of the event’s theme song, SHINE, which further heightened the spirit of camaraderie and oneness among the participants.

And as the song exclaims “With the love that you’ve given, it’s true, I’m shining on, all because of you.” –  Division STAR Patrol promises happier schools that do not sacrifice quality and standards, instead push everyone to continuously improve in an atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism.