Operational Plans of SDO Proper and Schools Now Ready for CY 2020

By: Jonell  A. Sison – Planning Officer

On Monday, January 20, 2020, during the flag raising ceremony. Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez, presented the approved operational plan of the three functional units namely: Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS), Schools Governance Operations Division (SGOD) and Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) from January to December 2020. Same documents have been prepared by schools.

The operational plan of each unit is divided into MOOE/INSET Fund, HRTD Fund, SEF, Downloaded Fund and Funds from Other Sources.

Each head of the units received a copy of the plan.

All personnel concerned were reminded to submit their Project Proposals two months before the conduct of the activity to give ample time for the procurement activity.

Schools Division Office is now assured that all Programs, Projects and Activities shall be implemented as planned.