Navotas Teachers, Alumni of the Learning Series of the U.S. Embassy

by Dr. Marco D. Meduranda, EPS-English and May Sevilla, teacher from Kaunlaran HS

Thirty-eight teachers from different schools in Navotas became alumni of the Maker Monday Workshop Series of American Center Manila and Google Educator Group South Manila last January 31, 2020 at the Charles Parsons Ballroom of the United States Embassy in the Philippines.

The series hosted different interactive learning workshops especially on the integration of digital tools and technology to promote 21st century skills across all subject areas. It ran from September-December 2019 and ended with a culminating activity to celebrate learning and acknowledge the participation of teachers, schools, and speakers. The event also informed learning professionals of the various Google for Education and US Embassy programs.

Along with the principals of the schools who joined the workshops, Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez and Education Program Supervisor for English, Dr. Marco D. Meduranda were present to show their utmost support in the enhancement of innovative teaching methods and the use of different educative devices, sites, and media. Also present is the representative of the city local government, Ms. Kathryn Ann Hilario, who helped in the arrangements of Navotour Bus to transport teachers to and from the venue.

The City of Navotas and its Schools Division were also awarded with certificates of recognition for their promotion of continuous professional development for teachers. “It is so nice to see that I am here with passionate people like me about education. It is such a nice feeling to be in the presence of those who made the series successful,” remarked Ms. Jeanie Duwan, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy