By: Bonifacio D. Dullas IV – SEPS for Planning & Research


 A Hardcore Training on Action Research: The Qualitative Method in the Schools Division of Navotas was spearheaded by Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, the amazing SDO Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent last February 28, 2020 at Navotas Elementary School Conference Hall.

SGOD Chief, Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna, in her welcoming remarks, she recalled the different research trainings and seminar-workshops conducted by the division that capacitate all teacher-researchers in the process of conducting action research. She also mentioned that there were schools which have already submitted 100% of their research proposals for the next school year.

As stated with great pride by Dr. Ibañez, SDO Navotas is number One (1) in research output within Regional Level (National Capital Region). He emphasizes that research must be revolutionizing in terms of quantity and quality. One of his research goals is Expansion, to increase number of teachers engage in research.

The activity was facilitated by distinct research speaker, Dr. Emmanuel Batulan, a research practitioner from the oldest university in Asia, University of Sto Tomas. An author of Teachers’ Burn-Out and developed the Stirring Wheel of Teachers’ Burn-Out Framework. He differentiated scientific research from action research in terms of structure. He guided the participants in doing Classroom Action Research and in processing qualitative data using the modified version (de Guzman, 2013) template. He customized it from 10 parts to four (4) parts research; (1) My Classroom Problem Space, (2) My Creative Problem Space, (3) Gains of My Classroom Creative Space, and (4) My Creative Space Commitment. A Series of Writeshop activities were given to the participants to fully understood ways on how to make their own Classroom Action Research using Qualitative Method.

The participants on this activity were the Division Research Committee and School Research Committee Members with a total of 125.

Hardcore is the word that makes this training a far from others, being more committed in our craft and establish supportive dedication in doing classroom research.

We are hardcore division research team equipped with knowledge.