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SDO Navotas Holds Gender and Development Seminar-Workshop for Employees

With the theme “SDO Navotas Employees… On the Verge of Bouncing Back and on Moving Forward to the New Normal,” a learning engagement on Gender and Development in the Workplace was conducted by SDO Navotas for all of its 107 employees on June 9–11, 2022 at Bakasyunan Resort, Iba Zambales.

In his special message, Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez, underscored the value of continuous learning and development for all SDO Navotas personnel as it contributes to the attainment of organizational goals of providing equal opportunity for all gender and promoting health, safety and empowerment of every staff regardless of gender orientations. ASDS Isabelle Sibayan also highlighted the importance of strengthening the spirit of collegiality and bonds of friendship as the activity also provided an opportunity for team development and camaraderie.

Sessions 1 and 2 of the seminar workshop delved into Gender Issues in Safety and Health. These were tackled by the SDO Medical Team composed of Dr. Henry De Leon, Dr. Katrina Apo, Mr. Harry Abalos, Ms. Anna Grace Onayan, Ms. Noralisa Castro, and Mrs. Mary Jane Mendiola. Atty. Elvie G. Bialno handled Session 3 as she gave a lecture on Laws and Mandates on Women’s Empowerment. Dr. Ibañez also conducted a workshop that allowed SDO personnel to reflect and share with their groupmates the impact of the pandemic on their lives and how they were able to cope and bounce back. Mrs. Sibayan facilitated the activity’s processing and emphasized SDO personnel’s resilience.

Session 4, “Ensuring Equal Opportunity Principle at the Workplace – Gender and PRIME HRM Level 3 Journey of SDO Navotas,” was facilitated by Mr. June Fermin L Javier and Ms. Elenor R. Cansino. Afterward, another fun workshop was spearheaded by Dr. Ibañez, which allowed SDO personnel to affirm the strengths and qualities of their co-workers.

A simple tribute was also conducted to honor the retired Public Schools District Supervisor, Dr. Jesus I. Icaonapo. Sir Jess, as SDO personnel fondly call him, was showered with praises, commendations and adulations for his 36 years of service in the Department of Education. He was awarded a plaque of commendation given by SDS Ibanez, ASDS Sibayan, Chief CID Loida Balasa, and Chief SGOD Gemma Villaluna. Dr. Grace R. Nieves was also given a plaque of commendation for her service as Education Program Supervisor of Learning Resource Management and Development System as she takes on a full-time job as EPS in Technology and Livelihood Education. Another honor was also bestowed to Mrs. Eloisa Sanchez for her service as the focal person of the Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao program.

To foster team spirit, a fellowship night was also conducted by Mr. Ernifer Cosmiano, EPS in MAPEH. Group games and beach activities were held, making the three-day training an experience to remember.

SDO-NAVOTAS CONDUCTS  3-DAY ACTIVITY FOR TEACHING AND NON-TEACHING SENIOR CITIZENS – PERSONNEL https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-navotas-conducts-3-day-activity-for-teaching-and-non-teaching-senior-citizens-personnel/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 02:10:06 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=7784


by Dr. Sarah M. Sison, Senior Education Program Specialist-HRD

The Schools Division Office-Navotas through the Schools Governance Operations Division conducted an activity titled “Healthy and Positive Aging Seminar for Senior Citizens of SDO-Navotas” on June 16-18, 2022. via Zoom platform on the first day and face to face sessions on the second and third day  at Ciudad Christhia Resort, San Mateo, Rizal.

It was the initiative of the Schools Division Superintendent of the Division, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez and his commitment to pay tribute to the senior citizens for their contribution to the organization in giving quality education to the learners as seasoned and competent workforce.

The program for Day 1 started with a Nationalistic Song followed by a doxology. Ms. Isabelle S. Sibayan, OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, gave an opening remarks/message to the participants. She conveyed her appreciation to the seniors for the valuable contribution to the school, to the SDO and to the nation for serving well and for being a role model to their younger colleagues. She quoted one of the African proverbs that “Those who respect the elderly pave their own road toward success.”  A lot of good things have happened to the younger people and its because of the contribution and effort exerted by those who worked before them and that’s the senior teaching and non-teaching personnel. After Ms. Sibayan is the Statement of purpose and it was delivered by Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna, SGOD Chief Education Supervisor. She emphasized  the objective of  the seminar  and the scope of the three-day activity.  Making the senior citizens happy and giving them additional  learnings relative to positive aging are the purpose of the activity.

The program included learning sessions that surely helped our seniors  recuperate from mental, emotional, and physical distress brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. The first speaker was Ms. Maria Elizabeth M. Laluces, Financial Advisor / Sun Life Financial. She shared practical tips on how to invest and save money. The second speaker was Ms. Ruth A. Regodon, Team Leader (GMEN) talked about Breaking Free From Fear.

The second day of the activity was held at Ciudad Christhia, San Mateo Rizal. Session was continued through the discussion of Health and Wellness facilitated by Ms. Anna Grace Joy G. Onayan, Nurse II. Seniors were encouraged to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, become socially active, break free from fear and learn financial literacy, which could help promote well being.

Different stimulating activities  also made the two days more engaging and enjoyable like the Emoji, Mannequin Challenge, “Song Niya, Sing Ko”, I love the color, dance and song presentation by group and Zumba Dance. The most highlighted part of the activity is the Mr. and Ms. Senior Citizen of SDO-Navotas wherein all the contestants participated actively and happily.

The activity ended with the giving of certificates, reflections given by selected senior citizens and the closing remarks delivered by Ms. Loida O. Balasa, CID Chief Education Supervisor.

SDO Navotas Hosts ICO-KPTEP GCED Learning Series 1 https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-navotas-hosts-ico-kptep-gced-learning-series-1/ Wed, 18 May 2022 02:12:39 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=7411

SDO Navotas Hosts ICO-KPTEP GCED Learning Series 1

SDO Navotas, in partnership with the International Society of Teachers, Administrators, and Researchers (ISTAR) successfully hosts the first ICO-KPTEP Global Citizenship Education (GCED)Learning Series on April 22, 2022 at the Heritage Hotel, Pasay City. The event was initiated by DepEd’s International Cooperation Office and the Korea Philippine Teacher Exchange Program to promote the embedment, mainstreaming, popularization, and advancement of GCED operationalization in basic education. With 48 on-site participants composed of guests from DepEd Central Office officials, SDO officials, school heads, and select Project GLACE 2.0 teachers and focal persons, and more than 500 participants on Zoom platforms, the activity was a hybrid learning engagement on GCED anchored on the theme, Engaging Teachers on GCED through Transformative Education. In her welcome remarks, Mrs. Isabelle Sibayan, expressed SDO Navotas warmest thanks for the honor of being the first SDO to host the ten-part education advocacy series to further popularize and advance GCED. Mr. Danilo Osorio, KPTEP Alumni Association president, also praised SDO Navotas for its support and commitment to embed GCED in the school system. Dr. Margarita Consolacion Ballesteros, Director of the ICO, also commended SDO Navotas for its excellent hosting of the learning series, which will be a platform to further educate teachers and stakeholders on how Global Citizenship Education can foster post-pandemic education success. She underscored the role of continuous professional development of teachers on GCED and transformative education to address the challenges of developing global learners. SDO Navotas also collaborated with the International Society of Teachers, Administrators, and Researchers to bring in global experts on GCED. Dr. Rommel Tabula, founder and president of ISTAR, underscored the need to work on productive partnerships to foster GCED. The two ISTAR educators who were tapped as resource speaker in the hybrid conference were Dr. Yee Bee Choo on the topic, Understanding Transformative Pedagogies in Shaping Global Learners and Dr. Juan Carlo Contreras on the topic, Empowering Learners through Global Citizenship Education. Project GLACE teachers on-site also gave their insights on the talks of the two experts. SDO Navotas’ very own Education Program Supervisor and proponent of Project GLACE (Global Learning through Active Citizenship Education), Dr. Marco Meduranda, also presented the Project GLACE 2.0 report about “Championing GCED in Basic Education.” He reported the commitment made by the SDO through the leadership of its Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, that Project GLACE as the SDO’s premier GCED program was included in the six-year Division Education Development Plan. Dr. Meduranda also thanked the school heads of all nine secondary schools and all Project GLACE focal persons for operationalizing GCED at the school level. Furthermore, he expressed his profound gratitude to the Project GLACE teachers who worked out GCED at the classroom level. In his closing remarks, Usec. Diosdado San Antonio thanked the organizers of the learning series and pushed for deeper embedment of GCED in national policy and school-level governance. The event was made possible with the support of CID Chief, Mrs. Loida Balasa, and SGOD Chief, Dr. Gemma Villaluna. Instrumental to the successful hosting of SDO Navotas of this DepEd national activity was the SDO Technical Working Group, composed of the following: Program Manager – Dr. Marco Meduranda Hotel & Accommodation Coordination – Christian Carl Golandrina Project Proposal Coordination – Jazie Sefil Promo Posters / AVP – Paulo Santiago Technical Direction / Livestream Operation – Cesar Salvame Assistant Livestream Operator / Technical Director – Jerry R. Gibertas Tokens – Kenee Winie Pailma Corsage – Mr. Ernifer Cosmiano On-site Registration – Eloisa Ababat Photo Documentation – Tessie Sombillo / Ma. Welma Songaling / Nonong Flores Stage Design & Booth – Rommel Peñaranda Video Documentation – John Latimer Servano / Kathrine May C. Project Completion Report – Hazel Santorce Attendance & Certificates – Solitaire Cruz Program Moderator – Rose Eden Cortez

SDO NAVOTAS PRIME LEVEL 3 BENCHMARKING WITH BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS (BSP) https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-navotas-prime-level-3-benchmarking-with-bangko-sentral-ng-pilipinas-bsp/ Mon, 04 Apr 2022 08:18:29 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=7170


SDO Navotas recently held its 4th Virtual Benchmarking activity for PRIME Level 3 with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) last Thursday, March 31, 2022. This event was participated in by Division Office Personnel, PRIME-HRM Focal Persons, Division Unit Heads, School Heads, School Faculty Presidents, and Division and School-based Non-Teaching Personnel or a total of 184 employees via Zoom Teleconferencing App. The activity began at 9AM and ended shortly after 3PM.

In his welcome remarks, the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, shared the journey of SDO Navotas during last year’s accreditation for PRIME-HRM Level 2.  The office was commended for having met all the requirements of the Civil Service Commission for the said maturity level.  He also underscored the importance of the benchmarking activity, which is to evaluate the practices of the organizations and institutions known for excellence and to also aim not just for PRIME-HRM Level 3 but ultimately for the highest international standard for Human Resources, which is PRIME-HRM Level 4.

Mr. John Raymund S. Almeda, the Head of the Leadership & Executive Offices Team, Capacity Development Department of the said bank, was the resource person throughout the activity. He gave a quick walkthrough of the PRIME-HRM Level journey of BSP, then proceeded to discuss the salient features of the bank’s human resource management system and practices.  Mr. Almeda also gave an overview of all the human resource management systems and how organizations like SDO Navotas can make them integrated and eventually strategic.  The resource person also shared very valuable insights and helpful advice on how SDO Navotas could further elevate its standards and pursue a greater level of excellence in all the four pillars of PRIME-HRM, highlighting the interconnectedness and collaboration among those handling the pillars and how the outputs of each one could serve as inputs to the other.

Mr. Almeda also answered queries of SDO and school personnel and gave generous tips on what SDO Navotas might expect come accreditation time for PRIME-HRM Level 3. He also advised the group what to work on so that the seamlessness of all of the four pillars could be achieved.

Mrs. Isabelle S. Sibayan, OIC-Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, delivered the closing remarks and thanked the resource person for giving the group a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to further improve the HRM systems and practices of SDO Navotas. She also urged the employees to continue collaborating with one another even as they work on embarking on another journey to level up in their PRIME-HRM maturity level this year.

Mrs. Cecilia S. De Ocampo, Public Schools District Supervisor, hosted and moderated the activity.

This 4th Virtual Benchmarking Activity was organized by Mrs. Elenor R. Cansino, Administrative Officer IV, and Mr. June Fermin L. Javier, Administrative Officer V.  Another benchmarking activity will be conducted soon as SDO Navotas prepares to level up on PRIME-HRM and aims for Level 3 maturity.

“One DepEd, One Caring and Sharing Community” https://depednavotas.ph/one-deped-one-caring-and-sharing-community/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:21:22 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=6841


SDO Navotas’ Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) Level 2 Accreditation by the Civil Service Commission was once again benchmarked by DepEd offices from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Promoting a practice of one caring and sharing community in the Department of Education, the virtual benchmarking activity was participated by: (1) DepEd Regional Office V – Bicol Region with Regional Director Gilbert T. Sadsad , together with twenty (20) RO personnel; (2) Schools Division Office – Legazpi City (Region V) led by Schools Division Superintendent Crestito M. Morcilla, CESO VI together with thirty SDO personnel; (3) Schools Division Office – Baybay City (Region VIII – Eastern Visayas) led by Schools Division Superintendent Carmelino P. Bernadas, CESO VI, accompanied by twelve (12) SDO personnel; and (4) Schools Division Office – General Santos City (Region XII – SOCCSKSARGEN) with the Schools Division Superintendent Romelito G. Flores, CESO V, together with twenty (20) SDO personnel. Welcome remarks and SDO Navotas Journey in PRIME-HRM were presented by our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, CESO VI. In his message, Dr. Ibañez warmly welcomed the four DepEd offices in the virtual activity and accentuated the importance of benchmarking to foster a caring and sharing community in the Department of Education. Regional Director Gilbert Sadsad praised SDS Ibañez opening presentation and lauded the generosity of spirit of the SDO personnel for sharing lived experiences in PRIME-HRM. SDS Morcilla, SDS Bernadas and SDS Flores all congratulated SDO Navotas for its achievements and expressed their utmost gratitude for supporting their respective SDO’s quests for PRIME HRM Level 2 accreditation. The abled speakers of SDO Navotas PRIME-HRM Level 2 accreditation journey were Mr. June Fermin L. Javier, Mrs. Eleonor Cansino and Dr. Maria Cristina A. Robles for Recruitment, Selection, Placement, and Induction (RSPI); ASDS Isabelle S. Sibayan for Performance Management (PM); Chief CID Loida Balasa, EPS Marco Meduranda and PSDS Ms. Fresnedi Natividad for Learning and Development (L&D) and SEPS HRDD Sarah M. Sison and Chief SGOD Gemma Villaluna for Rewards and Recognition (R&R). It can be recalled that on September 23, 2021, SDO Valenzuela in NCR and SDO Camarines Sur in Region V also did the same thing in SDO Navotas. In her closing remarks, Mrs. Isabelle S. Sibayan expressed solidarity with the DepEd offices that benchmarked in SDO Navotas and lauded their efforts to continuously improve their human resource management system through PRIME-HRM.

The event was ably moderated by Mrs. Cecilia S. De Ocampo and Dr. Marco D. Meduranda.

SDO CAM SUR, VALENZUELA BENCHMARK SDO NAVOTAS’ PRIME-HRM JOURNEY https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-cam-sur-valenzuela-benchmark-sdo-navotas-prime-hrm-journey/ Thu, 23 Sep 2021 01:41:36 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=6790


SDO Navotas shares its PRIME-HRM Level 2 Journey to benchmarkers from SDO Camarines Sur and Valenzuela. A total of 21 officials and personnel from SDO Valenzuela led by SDS Meliton Zurbano attended the virtual activity, while 33 benchmarkers from SDO Camsur led by SDS Loida Nidea participated in the online learning engagement held on September 22, 2021 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM via zoom teleconferencing.
Sir Alejandro Ibanez welcomed the participants and gave an overview presentation of SDO Navotas journey. He emphasized the beauty of benchmarking as this fosters a caring and sharing community within the department towards continuous improvement of practices. SDS Nidea expressed her profound appreciation to the generosity of SDO Navotas for sharing the lived experiences of personnel in achieving PRIME-HRM level 2 accreditation. Also, SDS Zurbano thanked all Division personnel for warmly accommodating SDO Valenzuela’s request.
Details on how the four pillars prepared evidence requirements for PRIME-HRM Level 2 accreditation were ably discussed by Mr. June Fermin L. Javier and Mrs. Eleonor Cansino for Recruitment, Selection, Placement, and Induction (RSPI); ASDS Isabelle S. Sibayan for Performance Management (PM); Chief CID Loida Balasa, EPS Marco Meduranda and PSDS Fresnedi Natividad for Learning and Development (L&D) and Chief SGOD Gemma Villaluna for Rewards and Recognition (R&R).
The benchmarking activity was ably moderated by Dr. Rico Tarectecan, EPS English and Mrs. Cecile S. De Ocampo, PSDS.
DR. IBAÑEZ ADJUDGED VERY INNOVATIVE PERSON BY THE CAREER EXECUTIVE SERVICE https://depednavotas.ph/dr-ibanez-ces-vip-article/ Thu, 16 Sep 2021 08:45:15 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=6756


By virtue of Board Resolution 1606 dated August 12, 2021, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez was conferred the CES Very Innovative Person (VIP) award by the Career Executive Service Board after a national rigorous screening process. Dr. Ibañez was commended for conceptualizing and implementing Navoschool-in-a-Box, a package of self-learning modules, activity sheets, USB on the Go that contains video lessons, and COVID kit that became a springboard of activities, such as the Hatid Aral and Tutor a Learning Child. These innovations have ensured that the needs of every learner in the Division of Navotas, especially the disadvantaged, are provided and supported. These initiatives also earned the respect and recognition within the Department of Education, private sector, the local government units, and other government offices.

It could be recalled that the Navoschool-in-a-box was adopted by the Central Office as a way to ensure learning continuity amidst the pandemic. Simulation activities of distance learning were well-received by DepEd, Congress, Senate and other private organizations. Through Dr. Ibañez leadership, SDO achieved 100% performance rating and passed ISO surveillance, ensured provision of learning resources (1:1 modules per learner), passed PRIME-HRM level 2 accreditation and continually monitored quality of distance learning through community-based monitoring and sustained delivery of basic education services amidst the COVID 19 health emergency.

The CES VIP Award seeks to recognize CESO’S and Third-level Eligibles who initiated a novel policy or program that improved operational processes or methods and have assisted in meeting organizational sustainability and/or wellness. After his nomination was made by Dr. Meduranda, a series of interviews and validation processes were conducted by PCUP Regional Director Chloe Osano. A number of SDO and school personnel, including Chief Education Supervisors and School Heads, were selected for the interviews that happened on May 3-5, 2021. Some of Dr. Ibañez superiors were also interviewed including Assistant Secretary Malcolm Garma as well as external stakeholders/partners of the Division.

Congratulatory messages flooded the FB announcements for Sir Al’s achievement. Still, Sir Al dedicated this milestone to all the men and women of SDO Navotas who worked tirelessly and relentlessly in providing our Navoteño learners quality basic education. First to greet Dr. Ibañez are our City Congressman, John Reynald M. Tiangco and Mayor Tobias Reynald M. Tiangco.

SDO NAVOTAS SHARES ASSESSMENT MODEL TO SENATE, EDUC FORUM https://depednavotas.ph/article-sdo-senate-educ-forum/ Thu, 16 Sep 2021 08:09:41 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=6747


SDO Navotas team, led by Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez, shared its contextualized assessment framework to the members of the Senate Committee of Basic Education, chaired by Senator Sherwin Gatchalian on August 25, 2021. Usec. Nepomuceno Malaluan invited SDO Navotas to share its practices of policy operationalization to give the panel insights on how quality learning is assured in distance learning situation. 

Joining Dr. Ibañez in the senate are Mrs. Fatima Corina R. Rivas, Kindergarten teacher in Bagumbayan Elementary School, Mrs; Jennie Vie R. Antonio, Grade 1 teacher in Navotas Elementary School Central; Ms. Rose Eden L. Cortez, Head Teacher in San Rafael Technological and Vocational High School; Ms. Wilfreza P. Balagosa, Principal of SRTVHS; Ms. Criselda Cimatu, SPED teacher in Kapitbahayan Elementary School and Dr. Marco D. Meduranda, EPS in English. Dr. Ibañez discussed the internal and external assessment measures embedded in SDO Navotas Contextualized Assessment Framework. Teachers discussed how this is carried out in every key stages. Dr. Meduranda highlighted the efforts of SDO Navotas to align assessment to PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) specially for Grades 8 and 9 learners as they will be the one to take the PISA test in 2022. Senator Gatchallian and Usec. Malaluan lauded SDO Navotas efforts in distance learning assessment.

Similarly, on September 09, 2021, SDO Navotas was invited again to share these practices in DepEd Educ Forum entitled Addressing the Challenge of Education Quality. The Educ Forum Series aims to serve as a platform to inform, discuss, and refine reform initiatives, and coordinate further action to address the challenge of education quality. The Dean of College of Education, UP Diliman, Dr. Jerome Buenviaje lauded SDO Navotas well-defined assessment framework of SDO Navotas. The team was able to address the questions which were given during the live Open Forum. Dr. Ibañez highlighted the participatory, authentic and systematic nature of SDO Navotas assessment framework.

SDO NAVOTAS SEAL OF EFFECTIVE SCHOOL GOVERNANCE (SESG) SAILS https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-navotas-seal-of-effective-school-governance-sesg-sails/ Mon, 27 Apr 2020 04:32:39 +0000 https://depednavotas.ph/?p=6133


March 6, 2020 is a date to remember for the Schools Division Office of Navotas for on this day, the (SESG) Seal of Effective School Governance finally hoisted its sails to embark on its journey to excellence. The launching ceremony for this pet project was held at Navotas Elementary School. In attendance were the Public School Principals, Assistant Principals, SESG Coordinators, Supervisors, and Unit Heads of SDO Navotas City all dressed in their colorful sarongs.  

The event started with the singing of the National Anthem under the baton of the Senior Education Specialist (SEPS) for Socialization and Mobilization, Mrs. Victoria de Jesus. It was followed by a prayer led by Dr. Sarah M.  Sison, SEPS for Human Resource Development. The participants were presented by the SEPS in Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr. Benjamin C. Perez and were welcomed by the SGOD Chief Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna. The Opening remarks and message rolled into one was delivered by the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, in behalf of the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez who was the brains of the said endeavor. Congressman John Reynald M. Tiangco, the lone Representative of Navotas, was benevolent enough to grace the occasion and deliver a message where he quoted the famous African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ He also mentioned about the importance of partnership between different stakeholders and the school community, in promoting effective governance and leadership for the improvement of the school and realizing the department and the nation’s quest for quality and relevant education.

The highlight of the program was the presentation of the Seal, which is aptly called the Gawad Layag. The seal, which symbolizes Navotas City as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines was presented through an interpretation of the song “Go the Distance” sang by Kervin Baltazar, the Division Liaison Officer, by the San Roque National High School’s Hayuma Dance Troupe. The heartwarming rendition of the song and dance number was a perfect prelude to the pinning of the seal by the Honorable Congressmen John Rey Tiangco and Ms. Sabado to the sail of a miniature boat at centerstage. It was followed by the presentation of the SESG Operations Manual by the Chiefs of SGOD and CID, Dr. Gemma Villaluna and Mrs. Loida Balasa to the good congressman as a token of gratitude for his support and untiring efforts in improving the quality of education in the city. 

The manual contains the standards, methodologies, and other components that will guide the schools towards acquiring conferment of the seal.  To give the attendees a preview of the manual, six select public school principals discussed the indicators of practice and the means of verifications for each of the six standards of SESG. The presenters were: Miss Wilfreza P. Balagosa for Strategic Leadership; Dr. Maria Cristina A. Robles for Borderless and Engaging Curriculum; Dr. Floretta M. Quijano for Nurturing and Safe Learning Environment; Dr. Salita L. Salaysay for Enabling and Pro-Active Human Resource Development; Dr. Sonia M. Padernal for Judicious and Efficient Management of Fiscal Resources; and Miss Joji R. Fernando for Strong and Enduring Community Partnership. 

An added flavor to SESG was the PLUS (Performance Level Uplifts Standards) component which was discussed by Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna. The PLUS component of SESG covers different contributory achievements of various categories which add value to better school performance.

The launching ceremony was a great success as manifested by the smiles of the participants as they, at an early stage harbor creative thoughts as an answer to the challenge given by Ms. Sabado when she said, “ just like the sarong you are now wearing which could be worn in many different ways even without dressmakers ’gadgets, we implore you school heads to be creative and resourceful enough to find varied ways on how you can have the seal because acquiring the seal is a proof of an effective school leader and manager.”


SDO NAVOTAS HOSTS THE 1ST QUARTER CLUSTER MEETING Civil Service Commission (CSC) – Field Office CAMANAVA https://depednavotas.ph/sdo-navotas-hosts-the-1st-quarter-cluster-meeting-civil-service-commission-csc-field-office-camanava/ Mon, 06 Apr 2020 20:18:51 +0000 http://depednavotas.ph/?p=6097


By: Elenor R. Cansino

Schools Division Office of Navotas is proud to have hosted the Civil Service Commission (CSC) CAMANAVA Field Office 1st Quarter Cluster Meeting at the Division Office Conference Hall, on March 11, 2020. The participants were HR practitioners of DepEd & LGU CAMANAVA, and Philippine National Railways (PNR). The meeting intended to cascade the participants with updates on PRIME-HRM (recognition of one (1) or more HR systems), Inventory of Government HR Systems (IGHRIS), recent CSC Policy Issuances, some reminders for HRMOs on the preparation of appointments, and other issues and concerns.

Dr. Alejandro G. Ibanez, Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent formally welcomed the participants with his message “You are HR Champions!”. The said message gave sense of appreciation for HR practitioners in the field. (Truly, appreciation fuels passion)

Mr. Noel V. Salumbides, Director II discussed the different policies, CSC-MC No. 2, s. 2020 Employment for Valor Awardees, giving priority for employment in the government service to medal of valor awardees and their dependents. Provided, that he/ she meets the minimum qualifications or requirements of the position, and the provisions of Civil Service law, rules and regulations on appointment are complied with.

CSC-MC No. 4, s. 2020 Mental Health Program, the Civil Service Commission is mandated to develop guidelines and standards on appropriate and evidenced-based mental health programs for the workplace, and to develop policies that promote mental health in the workplace and address stigma and discrimination suffered by people with mental health conditions.

CSC-MC No. 5, s. 2020 Interim Guidelines on the Use of Leave Credits for Absences Due to Self-Quarantine and/or Treatment Relative to the Corona Virus Disease-2O19 (COVID-I9), provides the guidelines for the availment of leave for public sector employees as well as ensure that precautionary measures are employed in government offices to avoid the spread of the virus in the workplace. 

And, CSC-OM No. 49, s. 2019 Equal Opportunity Principle (EOP), the importance of the equal opportunity principle in public sector human resource management and ensure that it becomes embedded in the four core HR systems under the PRIME-HRM in government offices/agencies.

It was followed by Mr. Leynart E. Velasco on policy updates of the following: appointments, qualification standards, and government working hours.

The lifting of the ten (10) year prescriptive period to claim Terminal Leave benefits (TLB) was also emphasized.

The next scheduled cluster meeting will be on June 26, 2020 at Division Office of Valenzuela City.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

The objective of this cluster meeting was to equip all Human Resource (HR) practitioners on latest Civil Service Commission (CSC) policies and issuances.