By: Editha O. Peregrino, PSDS

The Eleven (11) randomly selected SHS Graduates of Tangos National High School SY 2017-2018 together with the Bureau of Curriculum Development CD Team Leader, Ms. Maricel Cariño: Division SHS Focal Person Ms. Editha Peregrino: EPS –TLE/LRMDS : School head Mr. Olival Cruz; Assistant Principal Ms. Ann Laura Sengco; School SHS Focal Person Ms. Lea Malaca ; and SHS teachers of the school.

Pursuant to Memorandum DM-C!2019-319 dated September 30,2019, Tangos National High School was randomly selected to participate in the National Tracer Study for SHS Graduates of School Year 2017-2018.

            The activity was conducted onOctober 19,2019 led by the division SHS  focal person, Mrs. Editha O. Peregrino and Dr. Grace Nieve,s EPS in TLE/LRMDS. Selected eleven (11) graduates of SHS for SY 2017-2018 were given the tracer study questionnaires. Afterwards, five (5) of them were chosen to be included in the Focus Group Discussion that will last for an hour. In the end, the data gathering held at SDO Navotas was a success since it was participated by 100% of the randomly selected SHS graduates of SY 2017-2018.

            Before the actual conduct of this National Data Gathering, the Bureau of Curriculum Development (BCD) team headed by Ms. MaricelCariño made a courtesy call to SDO Navotas on October 18, 2019 with the purpose of familiarizing the school to be covered by the study.

The comprehensive Tracer Study of the 2017-2018 Senior High School Graduates is an initiative of the Department of Education of Education -Bureau of Curriculum Development to trace the status of the first cohort of SHS graduates with respect to curriculum exists: higher education, employment, middle skills development, and entrepreneurship.