By: Dr. Sarah M. Sison SEPS-HRD

“Leadership is about people,”as a leader, you have to inspire your organization, quoted by Cong. John Reynald Tiangco which he borrowed from Mr. Simon Sinek as he started his talk.

Honorable John Reynald M. Tiangco, with all humility accepted our invitation to be one of the discussants on the 6th session of the Student Leaders Development Programheld last 29 October 2019. With his topicTransformational Leadership,he was able to catch the attention of the students.Cong. JRT emphasized that to be transformational leaders,they should have avision and for this to become a reality they need to inspire others to believe on their purpose; be authentic;adapt a growth mind setand be creative. He explained that although transformational can be effective, it will still depend on the person of what type of leadership he will choose as we are all different. For him,to be effective leader, you should possess all these traits because you cannot be too strict as a leader,  you need to balance everything so that you can have good relationship with the people around you and the people you are serving. For the leader to become successful, he must pick the right approach that suit the community and adapts to the current situation.

Our beloved congressman also discussed about his projects, proposals and plans for Navotas, he even asked the student to raise questions concerning students issues and problems.

Another speaker on that day was Dr. Zenaida S.D. Singson, Public Schools District Supervisor, her topic wasDecision Making. She discussed its meaning, barriers and processes. To further understand the topic, she grouped the students into three and gave different situations that will practice their decision skills using the six thinking hats one.

          ASDS, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado and SGOD Chief, Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna, greeted Cong. JRT and joined in the picture taking with the students leaders.