By: Mr. Benjamin C. Perez SEPS – M&E

            SDO Navotas, through the SGOD unit, initiated last November 26 – 27, 2019 one the priority projects of its newly designated School Division Superintendent Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez. The Seal of Effective School Governance, or SESG, is a localized form of School-Based Management (SBM). Its goal is to promote effective school management that conforms to the values and practices of the division.

            The participants were the Principals of the 24 public schools. They were welcomed at Navotas Elementary School – Central by the head of host school, Dr. Jocelyn Legaspi. The two-day seminar-workshop began with opening remarks from the ASDS Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, and statement of purpose by SGOD Chief Dr. Gemma C. Villaluna. It was followed by a message from Superintendent emphasizing the importance of effective school governance evident through various indicators, underscored by practices and evidences, to establish standards, for implementation.

        The highlight of the first day was when the resource speaker Ms. Ana Marie Hernandez, PDO III from SDO San Juan City, discussed about the framework and processes found in the manual of SESG. Ms. Hernandez presented it as a localized alternative to SBM, where they continuously work on for completion and implementation in their division. She presented the content of each of the six standards wherein she explained that it was taken from various literatures and existing policies. The following are the standards identified: Collaborative and Empowering Leadership, Borderless and Engaging Curriculum Effectively Measured by a Functional Assessment System, Nurturing and Safe Learning Spaces/Environment, An Enabling and Pro-active Human Resource Development, Judicious and Efficient Management of Fiscal Resources, and Strong, Enduring and Pro-active Community Partnership.  She then explicated the standards scoring and rating system.

The discussion was followed by a workshop of the participants through the guidance of the SDS and was assisted by selected DO personnel as reference persons. They identified the indicators from every standard that will be included in the final output that will be implemented in SESG guided by practices that are particular to the division. An initial of two standards were presented and deliberated which became the participants’ output for the first day.

            Day 2 proved to be more challenging since the participants were already prompted by previous day’s engagement. The remaining standards were extensively deliberated to ensure the effectiveness of the indicators identified to all schools in the division, regardless of typography. The discussion between the participants became more thoughtful after the presentation of indicators. Identifying the evidences as means of verification for every indicator in each standard elicited prudent argument. Evidences to be included were carefully discussed and selected. The output from the second day of the seminar-workshop has been very productive and insightful.

           The instruction of the SDS was to take the activity easy, but the objective of the participants to come up with a worthwhile output was steadfast. The two-day seminar-workshop made a very valuable outcome by having an output that will benefit the schools through the standard practices of school administration and an outlook from the school heads on the importance of effective school governance. Public elementary and secondary schools in SDO Navotas are now given the opportunity to be a recipient of the Seal of Effective School Governance and be recognized as a school that promotes quality basic education adhering to the principles of School-Based Management.