Eleven city paid as well as three NGO and church-based Alternative Learning System (ALS) teachers of SDO-Navotas participated in the 1st Mid-year In-Service training conducted last October 22-25, 2019 at Daanghari Elementary School.

            On its first day, the activity was graced by no less than the newly assigned Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alejandro G. Ibañez together with the SGOD Chief, Dr. Gemma Villaluna. Dr. Ibañez emphasized the need for ALS teachers to be retooled and capacitated through professional development activities so that they will be able to provide quality learning delivery for ALS learners pursuant to DepEd/Order No. 13, s.2019 Re: Policy Guidelines on the Implementation of Enhanced ALS 2.0 and Regional Memorandum No. NCR 26 S. 2019.

            Also supporting the activity are the Public Schools District Supervisors of SDO-Navotas namely,Dr. Zenaida SD Singson, Evangeline R. Avendaño and Dr. Florabel F. Santos. The group was warmly accommodated by Mrs. Melinda M. Matias, principal of Daanghari Elementary School.

            The initiative was spearheaded by  Evangeline S. Trinidad, Public Schools District Supervisor/Division ALS Focal Person. Discussants of the training include Cindy F. Obiena and Luisa E. Elipan Education Program Specialist II in ALS, Merylou C. Recamara and Shalimar G. Tamayao Mobile Teachers. The discussions and sharings were aimed atenhancing the competencies needed  by ALS teachers  for them to effectively implement and deliver ALS 2.0